Agricultural Ministers reject Amflora

[img_assist|nid=225|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=43]The good news is that yesterday, the EU Agricultural Minister meeting failed to give approval for the cultivation of BASF's GM starch potato Amflora. 10 years along the line of the de-facto moratorium against GM crops and still there is no new approval given for cultivation. The bad news is that once again, there was no qualified majority to reject it and the decision now lies with the EU Commission who is likely to approve of it.

Just a few weeks ago the EU Environmental Minister meeting decided to postpone a decision on Amflora due to uncertainty over its antibiotic resistance. Reportedly this was initiated by the German environmental minister Gabriel. Now it is reported that Germany voted in favour. Why would the Seehofer, the German environmental minister, suddenly know so much more on this issue?

Countries that were said to have voted against the approval included Austria, Italy and Ireland, while others including France and Bulgaria were reported to have abstained. In favour appeared to be the usual suspects: Britain, Finland and the Netherlands.