Food stamps or GM crops?

Time and again the argument is that we - as in: the world in general - need GM crops to fight hunger worldwide.
If this argument would be correct, then a country with wide spread cultivation of GM crops, and easy approval procedures for new GM crops, should not have a hunger problem. Let's have a look at the country with the most GM cultivation, the USA.
Figures from December 2008, showed that more then 30 Million Americans now receive food stamps because they otherwise don't have enough to eat. That's 10% of the population. Figures are probably even higher because it only includes those applying for help.
And it's not that the US would be producing too little agricultural products, even with GM crops. Food produced by US farmers is still exported, partly subsidised as food aid.
10% of the population going hungry, even though not starving, 31.5 Million US Americans, an 17% increase from 2007 - and that in a country with enormous GM crop fields...
Meanwhile the US authorities have given a preliminary approval for the cultivation of a GM maize by Syngenta for easier agrofuel production.