GM Watch Podcasts

[img_assist|nid=110|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=43]A few weeks ago GM Watch started producing podcasts: audio files with interviews and reports on GM issues, adding another dimension to their excellent email list.

GM Watch focusses on "the use of hype, propaganda and spin to promote this technology, and on exposing the role played by corporate-friendly scientists, industry front groups, PR companies, lobbyists, and political groups."

02 July 2006: How pro-GM lobbyists promote the GM agenda
25 June 2006: Illegal GM crops in Brazil and China
19 June 2006: GM pharmaceutical crops; Monsanto's GM rBGH
11 June 2006: Feeding the world and biotech PR; Doubts about drugs
5 June 2006: GM Cotton in India, worrying new research on GM Corn
1 June 2006: watching genetic modification around the world