Compact: Industry keeps on backing out of Liabilty and Redress

In Bonn, 2008, efforts to set up a binding Liability and Redress system under the Carthagena Protocol to deal with damage to the biological diversity caused by GMos were derailed by industry's proposal Compact. Instead of coming to decision the negotiations were postponed further, with two additional meeting before the next MOP in Japan in 2010.
Just in time before the first of these meetings at the end of February, the biotech industries offered a revised vision, but - as expected - nothing has been improved.

As TWN descibes it: "The Compact is an agreement among its corporate members to provide recourse for "actual" damage to biological diversity if their products are the cause. The terms and conditions, and its governance are defined by the members of the Compact. States become "third party beneficiaries" if they consent, and if their claim is allowed.
Many delegates expressed serious concerns in Bonn about the industry initiative. The Compact is proposing to redefine the roles of States and the corporations. The corporations are attempting to create legal rights and obligations, and States are allowed, as third parties, to attempt to enforce those rights. Non-governmental organizations strongly condemned the industry initiative, as an "empty gesture" aimed at undermining the liability and redress negotiations."
Greenpeace prepared an analysis of the paper. It does not seem to appear on their website but it can be accessed at the TWN website.