the last bits ...

In addition to localisation, I'm also adding some last bits to the site - "de puntjes op het i"

Twitter: The site uses the twitter module to import tweets. So all it needs is adding a the existing twitter account to a user, or better just making a new user 'twitter'. The latest tweets will be displayed in a block in the left sidebar, so I'm making a block and page for all tweets in views. I encountered two problems: First, quite counter-intuatively, the twitter module version 6.x-3 requires the 6.x-2 version of the oath module. Admittedly, it says in the description, but since I don't have access to the modules directory, it requires somebody else to do the changes. The second problem seems to be a bug: as site admin I was trying to add twitter accounts to other users, but while I was adding them from the specific users page ( > edit > twitter accounts), the account got added to my own account. I had to log in as the specific user to add it correctly. It's reported as a bug as

Calendar: A calendar block was set up, but showed also pages that were published. I've changed that to filter on node type so that it only shows events but then I noticed that the node type "event" didn't have a date field. I've enabled "date" to get a CCK date field and added it to the content type event. What needs checking now in which format the dates should be displayed, and whether it needs a timezone conversion.

Front page with an iframe in it: The node that is supposed to be the front page has been set up as a table with an iframe in it. The content is supposed to be dynamic, spread over two regions. By just working with what's available out of the box, I made two content panes: one for one content item that's promoted and sticky, to go at a region on the top, and two promoted but not sticky items to appear in a column underneath. I hope that is not to prone to accidents for the site editor.
Both this content panes and the linked more-page are set to only display content in the current language.
The page with the iframe can just go as an "existing node" into the right column.

Links pages: The site needs a list of links to other resources, and some categories for them were already set up. However, at the moment there are only very few links added, so making individual pages for each category would look rather empty, but on the other hand, it would be a shame to loose the information from categorization. Therefore I made a table view, giving the name, description and category of each link, and allowing the user to sort by name or category. If needed this table can be turned into a list again by simply changing the view style from table to list. However, for making pages for each specific category term, it might be better to overwrite the taxonomy term views.