Moon under Water: OpenLayers and Feeds in Drupal 7

Moon under Water is a website about good beer in great places, a collection of places and events to visit. Instead of reading a number of blogs, adding events to my calendar and book marking websites about places I could visit when I'm in the area, the site pulls in feeds from a number of sites. Where appropriate the nodes have dates and geo-locations to display them on maps and event listings.
But it's not only a tool for travelling to solve the question where to go when in London/Berlin/etc but also a place to try out OpenLayers, feeds and more in Drupal 7.
OpenLayers is currently still in alpha1 and the dev version works fine for what I need so far. (The latest dev version form 6 August somehow lost a save button, but I suppose that will be fixed.) However, I haven't yet fixed mapping geo-locations from feeds to OpenLayers. Using OpenLayers with Views 3 seem to work best with WTK, but the feeds I'm pulling offers geo:rss information, which not only comes without the syntax of WTK, but also provides latitude and longitude in the opposite order. Mapping longitude and latitude to respective fields works, but then don't want to work with Views so far.