Pet food contaminated

[img_assist|nid=109|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=43]Once again, Greenpeace found GM contamintion in random samples from supermarkets - in pet food in the Netherlands this time. What's amazing are the high percentages of contamination that were found. Nine of the 17 samples contained up to 40 and 60% of GM maize or soy (see list.

One product even contained three different GMOs (26% RR soy, 39% Bt11 and 3% MON810). If anything these cases show that GM-free product and correct labelling cannot be ensured simply by laws and regulations, but that they need to be followed up by repeated testing. Apparently a number of pet food producers felt safe enough just not to bother with the labelling of their products to a degree that seems to be impossible to imaging for food or (commercial) animal feed in the EU. But this also leads to another worrying thought: Pet owners are often quite concerned about animals, and the Netherlands are clearly a country where GM testing is quite easily available, and still several companies took the risk of just not labelling. What about food and feed in countries that don't even have laboratories for testing products?