I'm setting up a site for a small NGO with an impressive 35 year history. Instead of just dryly listing all their meetings, publications etc we have decided to also add some of the political and environmental events that shaped those decades; events that on the one hand set the scene in which they were active, and events on which they had input, and admittedly who remembers from the top of their head in which year the Chernobyl disaster took place, when Austria had a referendum about nuclear power stations, or when mad cow disease was first diagnosed?
A good opportunity to use the Timeline module. It adds a plugin for views to display events on a timeline, to show a blurb with more information when you click on them, and to link to the individual nodes from there.
This will need a bit of tweaking, because the body text of the events are so short, that they can completely show in the blurbs, but they then should linked to the page with all events and additional information for an individual year. Those year pages are actually taxonomy term pages.
Our events are grouped depending on whether they are actual events from the organisation, other political events, publication dates of key reports, and the death of members over the years. Using a vocabulary for grouping the events works fine, and timeline allows me to set different colours for the groups to differentiate them. However, when I change the taxonomy term for an event to move it from one group to another, things get messed up and the blurbs do not correlate with the events anymore. Unfortunately I don't seem to be the only one with this problem.